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Santeria and magic

In the complex process of religion practiced by Santeria priests, magic powers are all integrating man and nature. The traditional spells are cast using the extraordinary force of nature, where animals are involved, herbs, plants, rivers and seas, air, Earth and the stars. Establishing a relationship of power and action between these factors and Santeria priests require knowledge and healing skills.

When I cast magic spells, I enter the mountain there to greet the lords of nature and to obtain from them the necessary help to make things happen.

Here nature has a functional role. She is the source of great power. As a traditional priest, I have good knowledge of the sources of nature which must be nourished from my ceremonies.

This knowledge was transmitted to me by the elders so that I exercise a Santeria magic which has kept its original powers. Also, the secrets of Santeria are shared by the ancients with the priests who are chosen by the oracles, which was the gift made to me when I was only a child.

To cast a Santeria spell, I have to "ride", which means going into a trance and then I can either question the oracle or invoke the help of the spirits of nature.

It is open to anyone to access the benefits of Santeria magic and it is not required to share that belief system. Open because it is always available to those who need it. However, people must come by personal choice because if they are forced to, Santeria will not take any effect. This magic system respects free will.

In Cuba, those who practice magic are not considered as witches but as healers and soothsayers. They are respected professionals, who can eliminate calamities, epidemics, diseases, or solve more individual matters.

It is good to give compensation to the spirit whom help has been asked, and to throw stones at the root of a tree.

When a query is done to a spirit, it is composed of a body of ideas which includes among other things: chants, proverbs, parables, myths and legends associated with this spirit. As I have a strong knowledge of this and I am able to give you subtle recommendations and warnings on which spirit to use. I am the real link between you and Santeria magic powers. I always take the individual’s personality into consideration. All my works start with a deep consultation of the oracle. This process requires having the knowledge of such ideas mentioned above, imagination and creative powers to enter inside the subject vibrations.

Keep in mind that this is an essential part of the magic process called "divination". Whenever you attend a consultation with me, you must make an important choice and let me enter the very personal details of your life. This will allow me to recommend the best solution for your precise need.