• Hi Pedro, my boss invited me at the restaurant last week and it went great! He took me back home and there asked me if I would like to share a last drink with him.... Iris, UK
  • Hi Pedro. Guess what? Adrian came back home yesterday!! He brought his clothes with him and said he couldn't live without me. I'm so happy!! Jennifer, USA



1-I heard that there are risks to use magic. Do these risks exist with your spells?
No. I am practicing Santeria magic for more than 40 years and I know exactly how to cast a spell without harming you nor anyone around you.

2-Is your magic able to bring my lover back?
Yes. It is one of the spells I cast the most. Quality comes with experience and as I have a lot of practice with this spell, it is one of the spells I succeed the most.

3-Are your powers strong enough to solve difficult cases?
Yes they are. I have a strong knowledge of Santeria and I know how spirits can help you even for the most difficult situations. If I feel that a situation can’t be solved with magic, you will know it. I am honest and my only goal is to make you happy. Therefore I won’t waste my time and your money in trying to cast spells for which results are impossible.

4-What is your success rate?
My success is very high. If you give me all the details I request to cast the spell, there will be no problems for me to get the results you want and I can guarantee that I will monitor every single detail until you have full results.

5-How fast can you cast my spell after I ordered it?
It depends on how busy I am. But generally I start a work 2 or 3 days after the payment is sent.

6-And how long it will take to have the results I’m asking you?
It depends on how strong your spell will be. We will discuss that together. Just to give you and idea, it generally takes from 10 days to 4 months before the spell works.

7-How long will the spell last?
It depends on what you want. That’s another thing we will discuss when you will write me.

8-How can I pay?
You can use your credit card on my safe payment gateway (Paypal)

9-There is a spell that I ordered before, will it interfere with your spell?
No. It’s a rumor that spells can interfere between each other. They will reinforce each other. Each caster has his method to cast a spell and uses different spirits. That makes the spell unique. That’s why there is absolutely NO chance that my spells will interfere with another work.

10-Can you work for me if I live far from you?
Of course I can. Read the testimonies sent by my clients and you will see that they are from all over the world.

11-Do you need personal items or pictures?
No. I cast my spells through your karma and I will need your name and date of birth only. Pictures can be good for my concentration though. I will let you know the information I need to cast your spell when a direct communication is established. For this, please contact me now.

12-Do you guarantee your work?
No. I will give you a simple image: does a casino refund you when you haven’t hit the jackpot? No. The principle is the same with magic: you have to take a personal risk and do a sacrifice (represented by money) for it to work. If you are not ready to lose something faithfully, you will never gain anything from magic. Equally, if you are not ready to lose money, you will never win at the casino.

That said, you can be assured that the success rate of my spells is much, much more important than the probabilities you have to win at the casino. Therefore, there’s no reason to hesitate.

13-What is the fee of your spells?

I won’t say that I’m cheap but my prices are very reasonable. I never charge over $650 for a spell, and that’s only for the most powerful spells where the sacrifice of a big animal like a cow or a goat is necessary.

14-About animal sacrifices, I don’t want this to happen. Can you change the way you cast your spells?

No. When you go to see a doctor, do you ask him to discard the way he can cure you because you disagree with a technique he’s using? Why wouldn’t you ask me such thing? It would only reduce the chances you have that your spell actually works.

Besides, I guarantee that the animals don’t suffer as they are embarked with me in a spiritual journey where pain doesn’t exist. And the animal meat is always given to poor people so it’s not wasted.